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feeling: better post rant. hearing: nothing.

god, i hate my life.

i am going through some shit right now.

these are the problems i face:

1) got yelled at today at work. cursed at. over my personal cellphone. my boss told me i would be getting docked pay because i did not write a number in a space on a few work orders. i did not disagree with this. i was sleightly offended when he brought up the fact that i wrote the ceo email and stated, incorrectly, that i had asked him for a new phone. told me i could not take care of the phone i had, the second phone i have used working there, the first of which died, was repaired, and subsequently died again. my current phone is also showing signs of age and senility, dropping calls, incomplete calls, no service. anyway, termination was threatened, with considerably less eloquence. i agreed with my boss, partly to get off the phone, mostly because i was on my way to another service call.

well, what will be, will be. i'm not reading from a script here, i'm just doing improv. i riff my life as is happens, including making and breaking plans. i take what comes to me and deal with it. then i move on. i am a reasonably intelligent human being. i can see that being late and forgetting numbers can be bad. i am doing the best i can. maybe more money is the answer. if i was making more money, here or somewhere else, perhaps i could afford a place by myself, with a fridge and stove and a laundry.

maybe if i didn't always need cheering up, i wouldn't hang around with my friends so much. maybe if i wouldn't hang around with my friends so much, i would get more sleep. maybe if i got more sleep, i would be at work on time.

maybe if i didn't work so much, i wouldn't need cheering up.

b) i'm going to hang out with this girl if it kills me. another day...

ok, i gotta cop z's. i feel a little better.

also, more tattooing in progress. pics to follow when i get a new camera.

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