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feeling: hearing:

everything looks perfect from far away...

thank god i am finally running above one gig of memory.


satiated for the time being.

now, on to matters of the heart...

i am looking for friends,

not a girlfriend at the moment, unfortunately.

i am willing to give in to love, i am willing to give in to lust, i will do nothing more than follow my heart and deal with the consequences as they arise.

on a whim, i may tell you i love you.

strangely enough, i do.

i love everyone.

i may surprise you with a gift, some kind words, a random encounter...

truthfully, kids, it is shared experience that solidifies friendships.

if that means perfect sledding shared until the wee hours of the morning, then we've grown closer.

if that means a perfect kiss under the stars, then we've grown closer.

if that means a perfect sleepover, then we've grown closer.

i have more than enough love to go around, believe me.

i don't want to lead anyone on, i want friends that will last a lifetime.

i'm not looking for jealousy.

i want you to be my friend before i even consider you for the office of girlfriend.

love is a beautiful thing, and i can be rather good at it.

don't limit yourself on my account.

have as many romances as it takes for you to find yourself.

make a mess.

have some fun.

you're not going to dissolve the universe.

you might learn something about yourself.

we all grew up with the girlplusboyonepointfivechildrenwhitepicketfencehouseinthesuburbshappilyeverafter fantasy and some of us are stuck on it.

get your heart broken.

realize what you enjoy.

realize what makes you go oh.

existence is so dynamic and so wonderful that it can support any mistakes you make.

you are not going to unmake reality by kissing a girl or a boy.

you might incite change if you have unprotected sex with the opposite sex and produce another existence, but reality will continue on.

so... umm... yeah...

i just seem to be rambling on and on.

it really seems that i am starting to get into this whole life, the universe, and everything thing and i am having a blast with it.

if anyone begins to feel unfomfortable with me, needs clarification, or anything at all, feel free to communicate with me.

i have enough ways of being reached.

try me.

i am headed straight ahead, full on, no signs of stopping.

join me if you want, or get out of my way.

two thousand and four is shaping up to be an incredible year.

anyone agree?

i might even end up with an actual girlfriend by the time it's over.

who knows...

who knows?

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welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

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