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feeling: awesome. hearing: the ever chunk-u-lonic a/c

h07 h07 53x0r0x0r w00t!!!! one.


you're wasting your time trying to figure me out.

when is it now, 11:20?

i have work tomorrow, again, at the same time.

thus brings a week of greater responsibility, rent and credit cards due, expense reports due, etc etc etc...

i welcome the challenges, as i always seem to plod on despite my many failings.

things are going good with me.

i feel at peace.

it's alright... for a change.

i mean, people get evicted, have heart attacks, and blow out tires all the time, right?

even if not, it can only get better.

some people don't appreciate subtlety as much as they should.

there's something powerful about being understated.

then again, blatantcy is pretty powerful, too.

i've been thinking about this lately:

it's easier to eliminate a mind using a gun than it is to eliminate a gun using a mind.

i'm working on it...


when it comes down to what i am thinking, i'm sure you have no idea.

some of you know me, some of you have a reasonable idea of how i think, some can come close to knowing what i am thinking...

but not one of you can know exactly what i am thinking, and no matter how much you want what you think i am thinking to be what i am thinking, it is not.





do i want to go snowboarding?


anything else for now?

my pc is the fux0rd. currently, i am running red hat fedora core 1. previously, i was running windows 2003 server and mandrake 10, and reprtitioning made things go fucko bazoo. eh... at least my mp3s are safe.

i wish i had time to hook the drives up, but i've been 1337-ing all god damned day.


i am so lame.

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god, i hate my life. - ha. ha ha ha. ha. haha. ha.

this is not good music.

you can hate me now.

check this out! it's a toilet full of poop!

welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

exchange stupidity, laugh, repeat

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