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feeling: exhausted. hearing: radiohead - street spirit (fade out)

i'm watching a porno with the sound off because it's funnier that way.

if you buy new sheets, they come clean from the factory.

this saves you the trouble of having to do laundry.

this works with many launder-able items, such as boxer shorts, socks, and towels.

shirts and pants, of course, are the obvious ones.

but it works, i tell you. you don't have to do laundry as long as you keep buying new stuff.

i say this, of course, after returning from target with new sheets and towels and socks today.

good for me.

let's see...

got my car back...

got a new tattoo...


nothing really popping in my life lately, though.

keeping it boring and flying so-low.

maybe something will occur to me on a day where i have gotten sleep the night before and am not hallucinating from a lack of sleep.

fucking shit.

i love you guys. thanks for reading.

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but she is my x... and life goes on. - we are all going to die.

this is not good music.

you can hate me now.

check this out! it's a toilet full of poop!

welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

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