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feeling: whupped on. it's a dodgeball night. hearing: the fucking wind is intense.

here's a decent question...

do you want to have a good summer, or a great summer?

ok, here i am, one thirty on a sunday night / monday morning.

daylight savings time.

and me, already with a fucked internal clock, drinking espresso.

staying up all night, again, to try and get back on a normal sleep schedule.

at least i'll have time to set up my computer and clean my room.

i also have to manage my finances for february and march.

this week.

ok, so work is going to be cake.

i'm not hungover, and i'll be boosting caffeine all night.

i might as well take a shower, so there's hot water in the morning for the room mates.

dodgeball this week started off like nothing and turned out to be a reasonable experience.

also, this is what i can remember from last thursday...

after i got off of work, i was in jersey city.

i read a clockwork orange in my car until ten pm.

i also pissed in a taco bell cup.

at ten, i took the path train to thirty-third street, took an r train to forty-ninth, went to the work office, dropped off my bag, and made it to the club by eleven.

getting in was a little rough, as me am being having the white shoes.


but i was on the list, so i got in.


free vodka bar until eleven thirty, too.


so i drink mas alcohol.


and by one thirty - ish i was able to dance.

there were a whole lot of people there, some i knew, some i had just met.

everyone was cool, as far as i could tell.

i think three - ish we took a cab somewhere, walked a little, and ended up at mike's...

i think.

then, i remember smiling a lot.

and i ended up in lia's kitchen, reading a book, and amazed it was seven thirty.

so i read some more, smoked, and went to work at eight.

then, still sleightly hungover and possibly drunk, but generally feeling sleep-deprived and, to coin a phrase, like shit, i worked.

at eleven, i got six chicken mcnuggets and felt like i was going to die.

i think i passed out once.

maybe twice.

then i went to lincoln center, and back to the field office, and then to sleep in a leather chair.

then i went home-ish.

there was a party, of sorts, and jim beat megaman two.

tom, natalia, chris, jeff, and i ended up at the field on douglass.

did some couch surfing...

good times.

i think i may have intentionally left out some of the more interesting details.


i need to update more often, as a courtesy to those people i read and who read me.




i thought of another interesting wish to make:

i wish that i accomplish anything i want to or decide to try, even if i try to intentionally fail.

that would be pretty encompassing.

anyone got any good wishes?

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