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i had a blast, no matter what anyone else thinks, and please, feel free to misinterpret this in any way you so choose.

ok, so i haven't seen stacey in a hot minute, and she hit me off with a comment.

earlier today, i promised an update about her, and here we go.

i don't think about her every day anymore...

not for a long time.

here and there, though, she will cross my mind.

usually it's the good stuff, but sometimes, it's the bad stuff.

the good memories i have still bring a smile to my face, and the bad ones don't seem as bad when i follow the thought to the lessons i learned with and from her.

she has incredible strength of character and is a force to be reckoned with when she is fighting for something she believes in...

and yet at the same time, she can be an impetuous bundle of exploseive energy when the mood strikes her, whether it's wreaking havoc, causing mischief, cracking sick jokes, or berating you.

she's good at being herself,

and she's intelligent and quick enough to keep my mind occupied and inspire me enough to keep the hits coming.

she's a good kid.

and it all comes down to this:

we had our time, we took it top to bottom, beginning, middle, end, and we wrote a hell of a story together. she's got a new man now, and i am happy for her, because she's happy. and i'd do it all over again the exact same way, the pleasure, the pain, the bullshit, the mistakes, the fun and the fuck ups.


i got a lifelong friend out of it all.

beat it, i dare you.

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i'll drop a deuce on you... - but she is my x... and life goes on.

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you can hate me now.

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