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feeling: like you feel after you try and have a conversation with a retarded person. hearing: danger mouse - the grey album

double you tea eff.

this threw me for a loop...

maybe i really am stupid or something, i don't deny it, but it seemed to me that this cat has no point whatsoever.


SuPaDaWgStUn: hello you are stupid
LiquidSoul420: agreed.
LiquidSoul420: who are you and how stupid are you?
SuPaDaWgStUn: I just came across your website
SuPaDaWgStUn: through a search directory for a store
SuPaDaWgStUn: Well
LiquidSoul420: leet.
SuPaDaWgStUn: not as stupid
SuPaDaWgStUn: it s not leet
LiquidSoul420: i feel like a star.
LiquidSoul420: i meant leet in an ironic sense.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yea ok dude we all know people who run websites pre-plan ahead of time what they will say
SuPaDaWgStUn: You are not "witty"
SuPaDaWgStUn: we get it ok
LiquidSoul420: ha
LiquidSoul420: you sound bitter.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I know what game you are dinging into douchebag
SuPaDaWgStUn: "you sound bitter"
LiquidSoul420: wow
LiquidSoul420: that makes no sense.
SuPaDaWgStUn: you sound utterly desperate for a comeback
LiquidSoul420: you have no actual context for your statements.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Whatever that meant
LiquidSoul420: so are you just here to give me hassle or do you have anything interesting to say?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Do you realize that there are about 1000 others like you who run websites and try so hard to impersonate that one guy, Maddox?
SuPaDaWgStUn: No
SuPaDaWgStUn: I am just telling you the obvious
SuPaDaWgStUn: Which is necessary in your case
LiquidSoul420: because either way, we can continue this banter
LiquidSoul420: who is maddox?
LiquidSoul420: link?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Nothing an outsider says will be "interesting"
SuPaDaWgStUn: Because that is the whole point of this convo. you look for "material"
SuPaDaWgStUn: Then there s the
SuPaDaWgStUn: lots
SuPaDaWgStUn: I helped some of these guys run their website for the purpose of APPEALING to others
SuPaDaWgStUn: Therefore I know what mindset you already are and what is in stock for me
LiquidSoul420: yeah, the internet is rife with a whole lot of people with nothing to say but total willingness to say it anyway.
LiquidSoul420: i don't claim to be an originator or a ground-breaking epic of biblical proportions.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Nothing a "stranger" says will be 'decent' enough for you your mind is desensitized to that because right now you are scoping and hoping for more losers to message you so you can TRY and mock them
SuPaDaWgStUn: I didnt say you did
SuPaDaWgStUn: I am just messaging you to see what you are about
LiquidSoul420: no, i don't deny being stupid.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Ok I am amused
SuPaDaWgStUn: right
LiquidSoul420: nor am i clooking for people to mock.
SuPaDaWgStUn: clocking?
SuPaDaWgStUn: you mean scouring?
LiquidSoul420: it's easy to point out typos.
LiquidSoul420: thanks.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Then why did you post up your contact info on a website and talk about others in a negative way?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yes typos
LiquidSoul420: others?
SuPaDaWgStUn: But yours was not a typo
SuPaDaWgStUn: link me to your website again
SuPaDaWgStUn: I ll show you
LiquidSoul420: or perhaps
LiquidSoul420: www
LiquidSoul420: excuse me.
SuPaDaWgStUn: here
SuPaDaWgStUn: That is your website
SuPaDaWgStUn: You confirmed you are stupid now
SuPaDaWgStUn: Now I really do agree
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yes moron those websites have some virus to them
SuPaDaWgStUn: that is your website
LiquidSoul420: yeah.
LiquidSoul420: and?
SuPaDaWgStUn: And you are already trying too hard
SuPaDaWgStUn: And lied
LiquidSoul420: umm...
LiquidSoul420: i'm still not following you.
SuPaDaWgStUn: is not
LiquidSoul420: please, be a little clearer
SuPaDaWgStUn: or whatever
SuPaDaWgStUn: That is clear
SuPaDaWgStUn: I just asked for your website again and you just gave me another
SuPaDaWgStUn: is not your website
SuPaDaWgStUn: That is your website
SuPaDaWgStUn: So those two are not the same
SuPaDaWgStUn: My point: Again you tried yet failed and you lied
LiquidSoul420: forgive me. your position is still a but shaky from my point of view. i am not clear on what you are trying to communicate to me except maybe that i am somehow ripping off other websites by posting links and posting my point of view.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Work on it
LiquidSoul420: tried to do what?
LiquidSoul420: and lied how?
SuPaDaWgStUn: I asked you for your website again (I forgot it) and you forwarded me
SuPaDaWgStUn: Which is not your website
SuPaDaWgStUn: That is your website
LiquidSoul420: no, i run
SuPaDaWgStUn: So that means you just lied
SuPaDaWgStUn: Oh please
LiquidSoul420: i also run
SuPaDaWgStUn: I know those websites
LiquidSoul420: that forwards to
SuPaDaWgStUn: No it does not hahahaha
SuPaDaWgStUn: oh wow
SuPaDaWgStUn: Anyway
SuPaDaWgStUn: Work on it
LiquidSoul420: what is this "it" you speak of?
LiquidSoul420: i think you know something i don't.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Your feeble-minded attempts at deceiving humor
SuPaDaWgStUn: Many
LiquidSoul420: so what did you search for to get to my site?
SuPaDaWgStUn: I told you
LiquidSoul420: and how can you deceive humor?
SuPaDaWgStUn: No
SuPaDaWgStUn: You have feeble-minded ATTEMPTS at humor through deception
LiquidSoul420: did you just get your comuter today?
LiquidSoul420: deception?
LiquidSoul420: computer.
SuPaDaWgStUn: i.e. you re trying to deceive and trying too hard to be funny but it is not
LiquidSoul420: i apologize.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Look stop trying to beat around the bush
SuPaDaWgStUn: You obviously too someone's compliment (which I am sure was 'oh you are so funny and cool') and you took it overboard
LiquidSoul420: link me to something you consider "funny" and i'll take that into consideration.
SuPaDaWgStUn: No you wont
LiquidSoul420: no, i'm serious.
SuPaDaWgStUn: This is your way of neutralizing yourself from the guilt you just got placed with
SuPaDaWgStUn: I did
LiquidSoul420: what do you consider "funny"
SuPaDaWgStUn: Read their material my friend
SuPaDaWgStUn: and learn
SuPaDaWgStUn: maddox
SuPaDaWgStUn: misanthropic bitch
SuPaDaWgStUn: etc
LiquidSoul420: this is just going in circles.
SuPaDaWgStUn: hell even
SuPaDaWgStUn: No it really is not you are just forcing it to go in circles with your subject hopping
LiquidSoul420: your main point, if i am to understand it, is that you don't consider me funny and there are a slew of sites that you recularly read that you consider more gooder than mine?
LiquidSoul420: is that correct?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Right now we are talking about your feeble minded attempt at humor
LiquidSoul420: hey, you have got to bomb sometimes.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I have not read enough to make that decision
LiquidSoul420: you can't be killing at all times.
SuPaDaWgStUn: and 2) I dont think that is the case
SuPaDaWgStUn: It is not about me CONSIDERING you are mnot
SuPaDaWgStUn: not*
SuPaDaWgStUn: It is a fact and you just proved you are not as "witty" as you claimed to be
LiquidSoul420: that sucks dude.
LiquidSoul420: i apologize.
SuPaDaWgStUn: gooder?
SuPaDaWgStUn: better you mean?
SuPaDaWgStUn: HAhah there is no "gooder"
LiquidSoul420: no, "more gooder" as in a phrase that is intentionally wrong that means "better"
LiquidSoul420: not an o&a fan, eh?
SuPaDaWgStUn: You do it instantly and a lot though
SuPaDaWgStUn: Gooder is not a word though
SuPaDaWgStUn: IT s like "conversate"
LiquidSoul420: that's what makes it funny.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I know what you mean but that is not a word
LiquidSoul420: and your point is?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Your grammar sucks worse than mine
SuPaDaWgStUn: Another flaw
SuPaDaWgStUn: LiquidSoul420: you have no actual context for your statements.
LiquidSoul420: how old are you?
LiquidSoul420: like 14?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Haha yes keep changing the subject
LiquidSoul420: no, i'm just trying to figure out what kind of mindset i am dealing with.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I believe you are 12 and are eagerly trying to compensate for your inadequacies
SuPaDaWgStUn: Something more Ultra high than you if I am pointing out your flaws one by one
LiquidSoul420: you seem to be adept at pointing out typos and grammar instead of taking the content of what i am saying.
SuPaDaWgStUn: No I am not adept
SuPaDaWgStUn: You seem to have a knack for irrelevance
LiquidSoul420: i do.
LiquidSoul420: that, in and of itself, is funny.
SuPaDaWgStUn: YEp
LiquidSoul420: so we agree?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Your quirks and circular arguments right now even are proof of that
SuPaDaWgStUn: Annoying is not necessarily funny
LiquidSoul420: to you.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Look Charlattan
LiquidSoul420: blech.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yes to me you are conversing WITH ME who else would it be funny to?
SuPaDaWgStUn: There is no third party is there?
SuPaDaWgStUn: I do not know what delusional flashback you are having but it is between me and you
SuPaDaWgStUn: Therefore of course it is MY opinion
LiquidSoul420: well, i don't know if i am speaking to one person, or one person with a room full of friends behind them shouting awful insults for you to type.
SuPaDaWgStUn: You are talking to ME here
SuPaDaWgStUn: Well if that is what you are in need of
LiquidSoul420: go ahead, please.
LiquidSoul420: don't hold back on my account.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Seeing that you are trying to change the subject to avoid looking more doltish than you already are
SuPaDaWgStUn: That is ok
SuPaDaWgStUn: I am just giving some friendly advice
LiquidSoul420: it all boils down to "you don't think i'm funny"
SuPaDaWgStUn: learn from Maddox and TMB there
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yea it does because you just assisted me on that theory
SuPaDaWgStUn: You confirmed it
SuPaDaWgStUn: and helped me decide that
LiquidSoul420: i don't have a problem with that.
LiquidSoul420: there's an easy solution.
LiquidSoul420: "check out another website"
SuPaDaWgStUn: These are not "insults" either you just perceive them that way because it reminds you of how bad you failed
SuPaDaWgStUn: I did
SuPaDaWgStUn: I am just here bringing the argument that you iniated back to you
SuPaDaWgStUn: I.e. I just served you a dose of your own bullshit
LiquidSoul420: that i initiated?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yes you initiated that
LiquidSoul420: you are really not doing much to make me change my ways.
LiquidSoul420: i mean, i'm sorry.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I can further continue serving you a piece of your own ass with your own bullshit trimmings on the side if you would like
SuPaDaWgStUn: Haha I dont have to nor would I want to anymore
LiquidSoul420: you mean, like you are right now?
LiquidSoul420: because you're doing a fine job.
SuPaDaWgStUn: You sound like an over indulged child who has a bad acne problem
LiquidSoul420: good one.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yea that is the point
SuPaDaWgStUn: 420 is a killer
SuPaDaWgStUn: see
SuPaDaWgStUn: you are proving that
SuPaDaWgStUn: therefore my point is proven
LiquidSoul420: dude, this is an awful conversation. can't you affect a different charachter for a little while?
SuPaDaWgStUn: haha
SuPaDaWgStUn: Let me ask this
LiquidSoul420: i mean, this is mostly crap and lame banter.
LiquidSoul420: if this was a production meeting, it would be a waste of time.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Please be aware of the hole you dug yourself in when you stepped into a verbal war with me
SuPaDaWgStUn: You would know it because you re instigating that
SuPaDaWgStUn: I was just going to play it nice and "chat"
LiquidSoul420: how did i instigate?
LiquidSoul420: you immed me, remember?
SuPaDaWgStUn: No demeaning remarks or harboring your flaws
SuPaDaWgStUn: no
SuPaDaWgStUn: Imming= not instigating it
LiquidSoul420: man, you're bitter.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I messaged you
LiquidSoul420: semantics.
SuPaDaWgStUn: You messaged me back and basically threw the first punch
LiquidSoul420: you initiated a conversation with me.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I just returned the favor
SuPaDaWgStUn: And obviously you re too punch drunk to see that you have been knocked the fuck out
SuPaDaWgStUn: Look pal
SuPaDaWgStUn: Next time you step into war especially with me you better have some ammo first
SuPaDaWgStUn: NEed I remind you of your inanity?
LiquidSoul420: man, i bet you're going to run to your friends and tell them all how you totally ripped this dude apart on IM today.
SuPaDaWgStUn: SuPaDaWgStUn: you sound utterly desperate for a comeback
LiquidSoul420: you have no actual context for your statements.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Oh now we see what is on your agenda today
SuPaDaWgStUn: You started it I finished it
LiquidSoul420: if you feel that way, it must be true.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Let s just save you some humiliation already and end it from there
LiquidSoul420: you've got nothing else?
SuPaDaWgStUn: It is true that is why I feel that way
LiquidSoul420: you're out of ideas already?
SuPaDaWgStUn: ideas?
SuPaDaWgStUn: you mean stamina to further expose a dolt like you?
SuPaDaWgStUn: haha
LiquidSoul420: no, i mean fresh ideas.
SuPaDaWgStUn: no I love manipulating the intellectually crippled
SuPaDaWgStUn: Fresh ideas are something you are void of
LiquidSoul420: good one.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Hence your trying too hard
SuPaDaWgStUn: As are many
SuPaDaWgStUn: and your website
SuPaDaWgStUn: If the phrase "out of fresh ideas" had a face you would have that face
SuPaDaWgStUn: Like I said
SuPaDaWgStUn: You need practice pal
LiquidSoul420: do you mean "you are trying to hard" or "your trying too hard" as in "my trying too hard"
SuPaDaWgStUn: Whatever helps you cope with your ineptitude
LiquidSoul420: because i can pretty much keep going as long as it takes.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Yea I know you can
SuPaDaWgStUn: You re like those sock-a-retard dolls
SuPaDaWgStUn: you bop back
LiquidSoul420: dude, saying "you are stupid" isn't really all that innovating or new.
SuPaDaWgStUn: you cant stand being seen or convinced you are a loser with no decent talent even though you like to lord your pseudo intellect over others
LiquidSoul420: i mean, no matter what synonym for "dumb" you use, it really doesn't mean anything to me at all.
SuPaDaWgStUn: and when you fail you get butt hurt
SuPaDaWgStUn: so this is your defense mechanism
SuPaDaWgStUn: keep trying
LiquidSoul420: that's where you are wrong.
SuPaDaWgStUn: It is not supposed to be
SuPaDaWgStUn: Stay on topic jr
SuPaDaWgStUn: ok
SuPaDaWgStUn: whatever helps you sleep at nights
SuPaDaWgStUn: My work here is done
LiquidSoul420: i know i am a loser and a failure and can't take myself too seriously because of it and thereby try and amuse myself through self-depreciating humor and offensive humor.
LiquidSoul420: you are not really telling me anything new here.
SuPaDaWgStUn: I have had my laugh for the day at some spoiled twit whose too inept to see his own ridiculous flaws
LiquidSoul420: and you're not winning anything by telling me something i already know.
SuPaDaWgStUn: Well why wonder then?
SuPaDaWgStUn: Just bow your head and bow to the higher authority here pal
SuPaDaWgStUn: hahaha
SuPaDaWgStUn: do your homework man
SuPaDaWgStUn: Farewell
LiquidSoul420: running away doesn't mean you win either.
LiquidSoul420: man, how strange...
SuPaDaWgStUn: I am departing after you have fallen see unlike you I do not need to any longer kick a man when he is down
SuPaDaWgStUn: Your failure was enough to satisfy my theory to be now a fact and that was my motive
SuPaDaWgStUn: I already achieved that
SuPaDaWgStUn: And bending over farther for you to get fucked doesnt help either
LiquidSoul420: what's that?
SuPaDaWgStUn: We ll talk again when you warm up
LiquidSoul420: zing!
SuPaDaWgStUn: You are just getting more and more pitiful with nonsense and non effective remarks
SuPaDaWgStUn: Caio
SuPaDaWgStUn: Ciao*
LiquidSoul420: hehe
LiquidSoul420: nice
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