2004-02-17 - 12:03 a.m. The current mood of at

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feeling: even. hearing: silence.

the feeling begins...

where to begin about the places i've been?

today was a good day off. i got some humanity accomplished and got full-on relaxed for work tomorrow.

sunday was an evening with streetlight manifesto at the stone pony in asbury park, nj.

good times.

jeff and i got band/crew/vip passes for carrying their gear and working the merch booth.

the pony was sold out.

i wonder where all those t-shirts and hoodies will end up...

the tunes were rocking.

i was wilding out in the mosh pit for three minutes, tops.

then i took pictures onstage and got yelled at by the stage manager for fucking up his stage.

so i hung to the side until i was requested back up by the band, only to be denied once more by the same stage manager.

f curse.

so i sold more merch and peeped the rest of the show.

good times.

sasturday was valentine's day, of which i hate, but it turned out not that bad at all, given the commercial hype and subsequent all-too-high expectations.

good times.

and work, my friends, is work.

closing-slash-random thoughts:

if i found a fifty dollar bill on the ground, i would probably buy some food, maybe some smokes, a pack of socks, maybe some drawers, a pack of condoms, and probably metrocards.

i used to suck feet for coke. you ever suck some feet for some marijuana?

the last thing i really need is a good reason to stop caring about someone.

charlie murphy!

what is it you're running from?

i kicked the shit out of him, man.

i remember when i used to do drugs to try to escape my consciousness. then i moved on to trying to expand my consciousness. now, i don't really worry about any of that crap at all. now i just get perfect.

i don't need drugs to be happy anymore.

i know who i am, i know what makes me feel good and what makes me happy.

i guess you could say i found what i was looking for, but in essence there is always room to look for something new to look for.

whoever you are, wherever you are, at whatever point you are in your journey of self discovery, enjoy your trip. it's a blast.

the only good advice i've got at twelve-thirty on a monday morning is this:

do whatever you want; just try not to do cocaine or heroin.

draw your own conclusions, kids.

good evening and take my love with you into your dreams.

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