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thank you for caring. honestly...

i woke up a little rough this morning, much like every morning i wake up facing another day of work.

i had my coffee, i had my breakfast, i made it into work...

and something felt a little different.

it took me a little while to get a good bead on what it was...

but i feel like a million bucks.

i feel like people care about me.

i feel like i did something right and i am happy for it.

of course, i am still looking towards the furute, but as of right now, my past is pretty schweet.

i feel more confident, more aware, more myself than i have felt in a long while.

and the corners of my mouth are strangely upturned more than usual.

my scowl of contempt that i have been frequently putting forth has been overtaken by a blissful smile that is not going away.

i'm doing a good job at work today...

i'm having fun...

it's freezing cold and i could care less.

even when the inevitable disasters stare me in the face, and my face should be twisted with evil, i am left with a confident smirk at worst and a knowing grin at best.

i know i can't avoid failure or pain or loss or mistakes...

no one can.

but today, as my life continues to get better, i can cope better than i've been able to in a long long time.

i feel good.

i dare you to burst my bubble.

i bet you can't.

hope is a wonderful thing.

hope, speculation, life...

and the lights that i have found.

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