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feeling: i'm feeling the new dj clue mixtape. hearing: i'm hearing it, too.

bitches, show charlie murphy your titties.


why not just allow love to be?


ah, but i do...

falling in love, to me, means the only thing on your mind is the one you've fallen in love with. it means devotion and commitment. it means so many things to me that i can't even express in words. it's fun, i've done it before.

whether it was the desire to lose my virginity, inexperience of youth, taking a risk, or whatever, i have fallen in love before.

unfortunately, when that happens, it consumes me.

unfortunayely, at least now.

since i was sixteen, i have had three long term relationships.

now is not the time to get involved in making decisions like that so i choose to remove myself from the whole process.

call me a player, call me a man-whore...


see, i have a problem where i get pussy, get hypnotized by said pussy, and get addicted to getting said pussy.

yeah, i get ass, but i end up doing anything it takes to keep the ass up.

including making commitments, which i don't need now.

i'm in my twenties.

you do the math.

i'm not saying i am without love.

oh, no.


i love everyone and love sharing and spreading love with as many people as possible.


you gots to be careful to not spread the hiv while you're spreading the love.


i love a rad sunset.

i love the color of the sky when it snows.

i love the way eyes sparkle when i make them laugh.

i love blossoms on trees.

i love the rain.

i love running the gears on a manual transmission.

i love.

so as long as i can keep my head on my shoulders and my mind behind my eyes, i'll have a pretty good grasp on who i fall in love with...


the magic hits me.

unless the universe has bigger plans for me.

unless i can't help falling in love.

and that's that, bitches.

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you can hate me now.

check this out! it's a toilet full of poop!

welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

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