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let's get dirty

and out came my wisdom teeth early this morning.

relatively painless, although my eyes watered a bit from the novocaine needle.

nice wet squishy pop sounds from the actual extractions, too.


i got to keep my teeth. pics to follow.

of course, after the numbing agent wore off the pain seriously started.

i have to go into work tomorrow, but tomorrow is friday and saturday is skate and surf.

good times.

so now onto other matters...




i fear i could fall in love at any moment and must actively take steps to avoid this.

i am not to be tied down except in a sexual manner.

i was thinking how nice it would be to have a girlfriend...

then i came to my senses and realized the summer is coming up pretty quickly and i must have my options open for summer romances.

i am a lover, and to be a lover, i must love.

i must find bodies to appreciate and worship.

i must find minds to tweak.

i must seek smiles to be shared and experiences that burn long-lasting memories into minds.

i must sleep next to women, warm and soft, feeling their curves and hearing their heartbeats.

i must make sweet love all night until the sun peeks over the horizon and all energy is spent in writhing, sweaty ecstacy.

i must collapse from sheer exhaustion, satiated and content.

i must wake in the afternoon, recharged and ready for round two, three, and four.

i must do all this, and more, in the name of love.

no commitments, no obligations, no drama, no joke.

because maybe some day i might actually want to fall in love.

maybe there's somebody that actually wants to fall in love with me...

and i do know this...

no matter how hard we both try not to, sometimes, it's just too overwhelming to ignore.

sometimes, the tension builds and builds and you only need one spark, one perfect moment to get the ball rolling.

but i don't know the future...

i do know this:

i live my life with zero regrets.


let's get dirty.

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