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that's how i got your fucking bitch on my dick.

so what the fuck is there anymore?

it's five am and i'm still up doing nothing. i'm listening to fifty cent and looking for something to do.

but nothing comes to mind.

no one is awake.

there's not much going on at five on a tuesday morning.

cold coffee in the pot.

switch it up to some chemical brothers.

no good topics in my mind.

i wish furutama was on.

at least i'm not spending money.

ok, so i've moved on to online poker.

man, i really have fallen far.

ok, switch it up to the get up kids, i figure i should give them a listen since i was wearing their hoodie all tour.


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this is not good music.

you can hate me now.

check this out! it's a toilet full of poop!

welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

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