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there are enough hours in the days for love and snowboarding, right?

nothing takes precendence over snowboarding.

nothing and no one.

it's not the time of the year for it.

not spelling, not women, not perfection, not work...

well, i have to go to work every day to support my habit, but if i can get up to the mountain from work, i will.

i apologize for this singular line of thinking, especially if feelings have been or will be hurt.

i am passionate about something i love doing.

it makes me feel like i can actually do something...

like i'm actually good at something...

it's fun.

i love it.

but it ends soon...

march is coming up like crazy...

i'd be lucky to get one sesh in april.

but the rest of the year is there for me to do whatever else...

whomever else...

but know this:

i will absolutely drop everything to get a few runs in.

you might think i am a dick because of it.

you might think i hate you because of it.

the truth is, i just love snowboarding and absolutely have to get as many days as possible in while i am young or i am going to regret it forever.

no offense or anything...

i mean, i wear plastic pants to do this.


and it makes me buffed-ed-er...

which makes me more gooder-er to look at naked...

and it's usually three or four days a week, tops.

so, not do be a dick or anything, but deal.

now on to the recap of the day...

best day yet.

got there at eight.

really at eight, because we left at six-thirty.

stayed until two.

learned a few new tricks today.

can consistently pull a manual into an ollie.

hit a booter for the first time ever, a terrain park booter, not a little schmeg trail hump.

stuck the landing.

overhyped and landed on my face.

you live, you learn.

the pipe will be open soon.


i love riding with chris.

he and i are all business.

no fucking around...

well, actually lots of fucking around.

very little time wasting.

wake, leave, up, down, up, down, up, down, etc.

we push each other.

we hype each other up.

we yell encouraging and rather disgusting words to each other and rag on each other when we're sucking.

we pump tunes in the lot and freak out the weirdos, kooks, and older cats on the lifts.

having fun is fun.

there are enough hours in the days for love and snowboarding, right?

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you can hate me now.

check this out! it's a toilet full of poop!

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