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feeling: strapped in. hearing: sensefield - building

clear as fucking mud. i hate my mind again!

i think i'm losing my mind over a girl i haven't even kissed.

i'm not even sure she exists outside of my mind...

however, it is taking its toll on me.

i need to see if the idea of her actually lines up with who she has become.

happiness is overrated.

i'm sick of people, myself included, expecting to be rewarded for doing nothing.

i'd probably be more keen on it if it actually happened to me...

but it doesn't seem to work that way from inside me.

quite a shame, as i'd much rather do nothing and be rewarded for it than work my ass off for nothing, but, as stated above, it does not seem to work that way from inside of me.

anyway, i guess the key to this whole broad situation is to do something...

isn't it?

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oh, and by the way... - everything just got better.

this is not good music.

you can hate me now.

check this out! it's a toilet full of poop!

welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

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