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feeling: hearing:

things to do:

-get a piece of furniture to hole clothes. possibly large, preferebly vertical.

-maintain near zero percent body fat and tone the bags of atrpohy i carry around.

-make more music.

-get the car an oil change.

-settle insurance mumbo jumbo.

-pay rent on time.

-save more money.


-map out a choerent sleep schedule and adhere to it.

-buy a better alarm clock.

-read the hitchhiker's trilogy again.

-remember to do more stuff.

-let the failures continue to roll off my back.

-fail more.

-accomplish more.

-take some nature time.

-learn to relax without electricity.

-be more zen.

-kick the job's ass completely.

-realize that i can be nice at a moment's notice, and i'm rather good at it, and hone my various evil moods as weapons against the stupid people.

-totally defeat the stupid people.

-find more lights.

-follow said lights around for a bit.

-make and keep appointments.

-get my fucking teeth fixed already.

-get air consistently in the halfpipe, should it ever be complete.

-strive for perfect runs.

-land a 180 from a kicker.

-land a 360 from a kicker.

-grow balls and attempt a 540.

-build a kicker.

-land rails consistently.

-land a 180 off of a rail.

-memorize terrain parks.




-commit to myself.

-take ideas to fruition.

-make a million dollars before i am thirty.

-sponge off of myself for the rest of my life.

-tour with streetlight manifesto.

-consult tomas from said band upon his theories of the nature of reality.

-start using the word realizy.

-5p34k 13373r !!!1.

-make a t-shirt.

-enjoy another kid-free year.

-ponder marriage past thirty.

-kick the rest of your twenties' ass.

-go to a rave.

-go to a phish show, or not.

-learn to sell things that mean nothing to you.

-start making money while i am sleeping.

-fart grey.

-bang some chick.

-contribute your attention and voice to something beautiful.

-sing more.

-write stupid love songs.

-love people you know.

-be nicer.

-be meaner.

-be more selfish.

-be more giving.

-beat 162's christmas present.

-kick chris's car again, on purpose this time.

-continue to appreciate the details i am privvy to in lia's life like a fine novel.

-hang out with lia more.

-hang out with katie more.

-hang out with lara more.

-hang out with sarah more.

-hang out with stacey more.

-hang out with brooke more.

-quiz stacy on the nature of reality for the sake of knowledge.

-continue to laugh my ass off at k' and g^2 fully rocking strong.

-feel obligated to explain the k apostrophe as intended to be a k with an accent over it.

-be funnier.

-learn to take reality for granted and appreciate your dreams more.

-learn to lucid dream.

-buy a surfboard.

-make chris thatcher surf again.

-continue to keep the regret counter steadily in the center of the number line at zero.

-continue to hope for a better tomorrow.

-stay up all night a few times.

-rap with the owner of the company that employs me.

-have sex at least once this year.

-give out good odds on not having sex with anyone this year.

-get a flu shot.

-stop stuttering like a god damn retard and speak slowly and enunciate your words instead of fucking rambling on like a damn fool.

-get more points across.

-be right all the time.

-play more chess.

-win at chess.

-play dodgeball.

-destroy something beautiful to me.

-get aids tested.

-skateboard more.

-buy a bmx bike.

-visit my grandparents.

-tell more stories.

-get a physical.

-jam with mark.

-ponder why i know a few women, and none of them try to hook me up with their friends.




-get more gooder at grammar.

-learn to freestyle and practice.

-learn to breakdance and practice.

-call people i never see.

-get a caddy.

-hit golfballs.

-climb something.

-time myself running a mile.

-repeat and improve.

-buy anew bass.

-buy an electric guitar and amp.

-take it easy with the booze.

-bang a chick in her thirties.

-get mad paid like what.

-put jeff smith on stage.

-get him to sign a contract granting me power of attorney.

-be brilliant.


-be realistic.

-accomplish this whole list.


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