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towards water, away from water.

where are we?

what time is it?

what day is it?

i just checked.

it's tuesday february twenty-second, two thousand and five.

it's around eight thirty-five pm.

we are in saint petersburg florida.

i have no idea what the name of the club is.

i'm listening to the pixies on a laptop in the rv.

i miss my friends back in jersey....

but what a time i'm having.

i would like to remind you that it is february. i heard it just snowed in nj.

i was swimming in the atlantic ocean just two days ago. it was insane. the water was blue and the temperature was lovely.

life on the road, kg. life on the road.

it's as if i was a kid again.

no rules, nothing to stop me, free time, freedom.

i love it.

no one can experience the moments i've shared with these people.

they are mine and mine alone.

you can't capture it in a photograph, you can't record it at all.

it only lives on in shared memories and stories.



the life.

more to come...

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welcome to central industrial. we are the future.

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