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fuck all that noise.

ok, here's the brooke steez.

tell me if this is fucked up.

wednesday, brooke called me up at work and asked if i wanted to go to a birthday party for one of her friends.

i didn't really have anything to do and i didn't really say yes or no...

so she took this as a yes.

so she tells me to come over her house after work.

i show up there at six, and she tells me we have to go pick up some of her friends.

i ask where, she says freehold, and i say no.

we eventually get on our way, and i ask her for directions.

she directs me to freehold, and i say nothing and begin to get angry.

four hours later, we end up in sussex, nj, a half hour north of mountain creek.

the girl we're supposed to meet is nowhere to be found.

i go to sleep.

i wake up thursday and call my work so i can see if i have to come in, being that it dumped a bunch of snow and hoping i can just zip over to creek to ride.

brooke lets me know i have to come back and pick her and her friends later and drive them home.

i let her know it's not going to be until after ten-thirty, and she is cool with this.

i go to work, i go snowboarding, i head back over to sussex to pick them up, getting lost no less than three times, and ending up in new york no less than two times.

i find the house, knock on the door, and find out that...

she had left an hour before i got there.

and i am furious.

so i make the hundred mile trip back to new brunswick and figure out that in less than twenty four hours i had driven over four hundred miles.

fuck that.

this girl needs to wake up and get real.

i refuse to be taken advantage of any more.

i'm nice, too nice.

i'm sticking with people that don't take advantage of me.

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