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thanks, will.


i was unfortunate enough to have my cellphone stolen back on may 15th. i was also unfortunate enough to not have confirmation the phone was stolen until may 31st. as if to add insult to injury, i was stricken with almost two hundred dollars worth of calls and downloads i did not make. after quite a few calls to customer service (and asurion, who delayed my claim from june first until today), i had the pleasure to work with a gentleman by the name of will bell. he handled my dispute much better than the three other reps and one supervisor, who all would give me credit for no more than the 48 hours prior to suspension of the service.

will went over my bill, my past bills, and my record as a customer, and put me on hold. now, i like verizon, as a service provider. you guys let me make clear phone calls, pretty much wherever i want, whenever i want, and you are always more than happy to accept my money as payment for this service on a monthly basis, which i am always more than happy to provide as compensation for making my cellphone work. it's great. in fact, all in all, it's a nifty relationship. unfortunately, this is the first time i've ever had a cellphone stolen from me, so getting it resolved is something new to me. fortunately, there are people working for you like will.

will came back from hold and let me know that he was going to give me credit for $54.50, splitting the cost of the downloads. this was a welcome change from the "charges from the 48 hours prior to suspension of service", which i was stonewalled with on the prior calls. now, i understand this is not the ideal full amount of the bill, but at the same time it's also not the $3-4 that occured in the last 48 hours my phone was on. it's a very important gesture on verizon's behalf that made me feel valued as a customer. above and beyond this, he also expedited my replacement phone with asurion and it should arrive on friday.

so all in all, things turned out pretty good. at one point i was fed up enough to want to cancel my verizon service and take my number elsewhere, but i'm glad we're still together. thank you will bell, and thank you verizon.

-christopher knowles

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